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This fine hiking/snowshoeing trail is being created by landowner Matt McGuire, his family, and the community of Tyne Valley.  The trail is a serpentine track that winds in and out of a predominantly hardwood forest and beside and over a very picturesque stream that’s home to an abundance of trout during fishing season.

The trail is being built as time allows.  Rudimentary signage has been posted and is being constantly upgraded and improved.  The route is expected to be modified as the snow melts – the trail is currently popular with walkers and snowshoe enthusiasts.

Here’s what it says on a plaque erected on the Roma site in 1936 (and still visible on the property).

“Roma at Three Rivers”.  “Here, in 1732, Jean Pierre Roma founded a base for control of the Gulf fisheries, and for trade with France, Quebec and the West Indies.  His establishment was destroyed after the fall of Louisbourg in 1745.”

Step back in time and experience Jean Pierre Roma’s 1730’s trading post. Authentic experiences are provided for all age groups, and/or take time to enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal and refreshments. Maybe a picnic lunch is your preference when you visit our secluded, quiet, picturesque spot tucked away in this historic PEI location.

Family friendly programs: Learn about Jean Pierre Roma, his Trading Post and his Great Escape, 1732-1745; stroll Roma’s 3.5 km 0f trails; enjoy Roma’s French Heritage Gardens; enjoy some fiddle tunes and try a dance with Roma’s talented fiddler; learn about cod fishing, Roma’s gold; special orienteering activity; family archeological digs.

Roma’s Restaurant & Stone Oven: Heritage Lunch served in the Pavilion or on the patio (12-1:30 pm), with a picnic lunch available. Our specialty is bread, baked in Roma’s outdoor oven, daily. New this year wood-fired oven pizza (Friday only)!

Wide open spaces, social distancing, health protocols observed.

Open daily, 10 am-5 pm. Reservations required for Heritage Lunch, picnic lunches and pizza (902-838-3413) preferably the day before your planned visit.

Dates of Operation: July 1, 2021 – September 25, 2021

The Queens County Wildlife Management trail starts at the trailhead of the Winter River trail.  The trail runs west from the Winter River parking lot down to and then along the river. There are three parallel sections of the trail that all head in a western direction and all come together at the river’s edge. The trail then runs along the western bank of the river where it joins the Winter River trail west of the gravel pit.

This trail is not maintained by Island Trails.