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Jenkins Natural Area

Jenkins Natural Area

The Jenkins Complex Natural Area is 693 acres and is located in Mount Albion, Queens County, Prince Edward Island.

Much of the land making up this large natural area was generously donated by Harold and Mary Jenkins.  The Jenkins Complex Nat-
ural Area was protected under the Natural Areas Protection Act on June 25th, 1999.

Island Nature Trust purchased an adjoining parcel of 7 acres on December 20th, 2007. It was added to the larger natural area, and protected under the Natural Areas Protection Act on December 18th, 2009. Ducks Unlimited Can-
ada (DUC) contributed funds towards the latter purchase.

Robert Jenkins, director and founder of the Mount Albion Fur Company (established in 1903), was a pioneer in the
introduction of the American beaver to PEI , starting around 1913. His company acquired numerous properties in the Mount Albion area and excavated the first pond, purpose-built for beavers, using a horse and scoop to divert the
creek. The beavers proliferated and created their own additional ponds by flooding and diversion of water.

Spurgeon Jenkins, Harold Jenkins’ father, carried on the work started by the Fur Company with the re-introduction of beavers in the 1940s and later in the 1950s after they had been trapped out. He was successful in creating 6 by-
pass ponds on the Mount Albion properties as well as re-establishing other wetlands there.
Harold Jenkins, the land donor, helped his father work on the marshes and ponds. After working as a hunting guide and noticing a decline in the number of ducks and geese in the area, Harold decided to create a wildlife reserve
(now known as the Jenkins Complex Natural Area). Harold stopped hunting himself in order to focus his time on waterfowl conservation and creating a safe resting and feeding area for nesting and migrating birds. His efforts
were put towards creating nesting islands, nest boxes, planting wild rice and he even spent countless hours patroling for poachers, all in an attempt to help waterfowl.

In 1978, Ducks Unlimited entered into an agreement with Harold to maintain the bypass ponds and Island Nature Trust has continued this partnership, with DUC regularly
maintaining the nine ponds that lie within the Jenkins Complex Natural Area.