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No matter what interests you as a trail user, Island Trails has something for you.

You may choose to spend an afternoon exploring nature on a woodland hike, or go on a multi-day cycling trip. This site will assist you in planning your PEI experience.

If it’s cycling, you may follow the link to the Confederation Trail, a 440-km linear park running from tip-to tip through the entire province. Or, you can find mountain biking at our Gairloch Road trail and various others too.

For day hiking information, go to the descriptions of our eight Woodland Trails, or the inventory of Other Hiking Trails. Both lists include directions, and GPS coordinates.  Please note that we only maintain the Woodland Trails – the other hiking trails are maintained by others.

Island Trails also sponsors and promotes cycling and hiking events on all trails. Look for news of recent and upcoming activities on this site.

Find out how to join us or help in our work, or get more trail information by way of other links.

Apr6 Update on Breadalbane Trail

Notices and barriers have been placed at the Hilltop Road entrance to the Breadalbane trail and at the end of the section close to the Dixon Road entrance. This one section is ridiculously dangerous so please avoid at all costs. The rest of the trail is in great shape! Hard packed with some icy sections. Hikers are advised to use grippers and continue to observe social distancing. Once again, we will notify everyone when the closed section reopens.